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I Sure Do Miss You, Honey

Tim at Creekside, 1983

December 11, 2007

I got this e-mail from one of Tims cousins this week. It expresses so well what Im feeling that I thought Id share it with you all.

I had sent a Christmas letter to our friends and family that had a picture of Tim in it, from 1983. I had asked the Lord what Tim looked like now, since hes no longer sick a bit like this picture, only better.


Received your newsletter today and found it hard to believe that it's been a year (12/15/06) since Tim left our immediate presence. The picture especially caught me; it reminded me of the indomitable spirit that I remember so clearly.

Tim was always my rock that I could count on to bring me out of the depths when I needed a reality check. We always had a way of getting to the basics in a minimum of time... scant moments. Maybe it's because we were cousins, or that we shared diabetes and eye problems. Mostly, I just think that it's because we seemed to always be on the same wave length.

For me, Tim was the strongest, most positive person that I have ever been privileged to meet. With all the negatives going on in his physical life, he was like a duck in the rain. Nothing ever seemed to get in his way! He was always making lemonade when life gave him lemons. To be closely involved with him on personal issues, and to realize how well he dealt with them, was an incredible experience. He truly was my hero. I miss him deeply, but like you, I know that he is doing God's work, just like he always did.

Just remember, that Tim is looking down on you and us and trying to figure out how to help us "get going" in whatever it is that we need to be doing. Just listen... I'll bet that you get the message pretty soon. I know that I'm listening!

Jim & Emmalee Hughes Winston-Salem, NC"

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