The Simsville Inheritance
Copyright ©2006 Elizabeth G. Cox. All rights reserved.

Chapter 14 - Charlotte's GPS is Working!

Lisa's appetite had vanished long ago but her husband would be hungry and so would the others. In the kitchen she pulled out bread and cold cuts, laying selections on the counter top. Let them make sandwiches for breakfast, she thought, that's the best I can do. Running water into the coffee maker, she thought about the last time she'd spoken to her daughter. Right there in the kitchen Lisa had nagged her about eating a better breakfast.

She fumbled in her pocket for her lighter, reaching across the counter top for her crumpled pack of cigarettes. The GPS unit sat unobtrusively against the wall. Charlie had been so independent minded, always down at the stable or galloping across a field somewhere. Installing the unit had seemed a reasonable compromise. Charlotte agreed to keep the transmitter on at all times and they agreed to stop wanting to know where she was every minute of the day.

Lisa lit her cigarette and reached out to flip the GPS on, staring at the small screen as it came to life. A dot was blinking. Huh. Blinking? That meant Charlotte's transmitter was on!

Lisa's screams brought Charles Dunston and Jones running down the hall. Somehow Charlotte had managed to turn her transmitter back on where was she? About ten miles out, between Simsville and Sumter.

"Let's go, we'll use the tracker in the my car, it's faster." Jones was halfway out the door before he finished the sentence, Dunston right behind him.

They slowed down as they neared the stable, watching the readout to be sure it was the right place. They found the building empty except for Charlotte's boot laying right where she'd left it. There was no sign of the girl.

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